What Food Goes Well With Hot Dogs? Our Top 5 Picks!

Tired of the same old side dishes for your hot dogs? We’ve got you covered! Our top 5 picks for what food goes best with those juicy, delicious dogs are sure to make your meal a hit.

From classic condiments like ketchup and mustard to fresh salads and tasty sides – we have something that will surely tantalize everyone’s taste buds. So get ready to whip up some amazing combinations that will leave your family begging for more!

What Food Groups Compliment Hot Dogs?

Hot dogs are a classic favorite of many, but what other food groups can you pair with the savory taste to make your meal even better? From salads and sides, to sauces and condiments – here’s how you can take your hot dog experience to the next level:
  • Salads & Sides: Try adding some crunchy coleslaw or fresh green salad for some extra texture. Or why not add baked beans or potato wedges as an accompaniment?
  • Sauces & Condiments: Add a tangy twist with ketchup, mustard and relish. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, why not try out some delicious homemade mayonnaise variations?

Examples of Food Pairings For Hot Dogs

1. Mustard: This classic condiment adds a tangy flavor to hot dogs that can’t be beat! 2. Sauerkraut: Adding a bit of fermented cabbage to your dog gives it an extra punch of flavor and texture. 3. Relish: Sweet or spicy relish pairs perfectly with the smokiness of hot dogs. 4. Onions: A layer of grilled onions adds a savory crunch to your frankfurter experience. 5. Chili: If you’re feeling adventurous, top your dog off with some chili for an extra kick!

What Wine Goes Well With Hot Dogs?

Are you looking for the perfect pairing to complete your hot dog feast? Surprisingly, there are many delicious wines that go extremely well with a juicy grilled or boiled hot dog. A light, fruity white such as Riesling can perfectly complement the smoky and savory flavors of the hot dog. Alternatively, if you prefer a red wine then opt for something like Pinot Noir which has enough acidity and freshness to balance out the richness of the sausage. Whether you’re hosting an outdoor cookout or just enjoying a tasty dinner at home, these wines make sure everyone is happy!

What Herbs and Spices Should You Use With Hot Dogs?

Herbs and spices can liven up any hot dog. Whether you like your hot dogs plain or loaded with toppings, adding flavorful herbs and spices will add extra zing to your meal. Here are some herby-spicy suggestions:
  • Mustard powder: A little goes a long way when it comes to mustard – just enough to give the hotdog a hint of sharpness.
  • Garlic powder: Mild yet savory, garlic adds a subtle flavor that pairs well with all kinds of meat.
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  • Onion powder: This classic seasoning is sure to give your hot dog an unmistakable boost of onion-y goodness..
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  • Paprika: Sweet or smoked paprika brings smoky depth and spicy heat.
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  • Cumin : Earthy cumin provides warm, nutty notes that balance out the other flavors in the dish..

    Should You Add More Hot Dogs To Your Diet?

    If you’re considering adding hot dogs to your weekly meal plan, there are a few things you should consider. For starters, hot dogs can be high in saturated fat and sodium, so it’s important to opt for leaner varieties that are lower in fat content when possible. Additionally, look for those made with natural ingredients such as whole-grain buns and reduced sodium beef or turkey hotdogs. You’ll also want to watch portion sizes; the recommended serving size of one hot dog is only about 2 ounces.

    • Opt for leaner varieties that are lower in fat content
    • Choose ones made with natural ingredients like whole-grain buns
    • Be mindful of portion sizes (2oz per serving)
    Another factor to keep in mind is how often you enjoy them – if they become part of your regular diet, it may impact your health negatively down the road. It’s best to limit yourself and add variety by swapping out processed meats like sausages or bacon for grilled chicken breasts or fish on occasion instead. Doing this can help ensure a balanced diet overall while still allowing you some indulgences every now and then!

    So What Goes Well With Hot Dogs?

    There is no definitive answer to this question, as everyone has their own preferences when it comes to the ultimate hot dog experience. However, there are a few classic options that can be used to complement your favorite frankfurter. From crunchy coleslaw and tangy sauerkraut, to creamy macaroni salad and sweet relish, these sides provide something for every taste. The best way to find out what goes well with hot dogs is simply try out different combinations until you’ve perfected your perfect summertime side dish! With so many possibilities available, you’re sure to have plenty of delicious choices all season long.


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