What Food Goes Well With Pizza? Our Top 10 Ideas To Complete Your Meal!

Tired of the same old side dishes to go with your pizza? Try something new and exciting! Our Top 10 ideas for what food goes well with pizza offer you a variety of delicious options that are sure to complete your meal.
From classic salads to hearty sides, we’ve got plenty of suggestions for an unforgettable dinner experience. Whether you’re in the mood for something light or indulgent, our top list has just what you need. So let’s get started – it’s time to discover the perfect pairing for your favorite slice!

What Food Groups Compliment Pizza?

Pizza is an iconic dish enjoyed the world over. Make your pizza night even more enjoyable with these delicious accompaniments.
  • Salads:

  • A light, refreshing salad pairs perfectly with a cheesy slice of pizza. Try a Caesar or Greek salad to add some crunchy texture and bright flavor to your meal.
  • Breadsticks:

  • Nothing says Italian cuisine quite like breadsticks! Whether you go for classic butter-garlic flavor or something more adventurous, breadsticks are sure to elevate your pizza experience.
  • Fruit:

  • For a healthier alternative, try adding some sliced apples or grapes as part of your side dishes! The sweet contrast will provide the perfect balance against the salty richness of the pizza.
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Examples of Food Pairings For Pizza

  • 1. Garlic Bread 2. Caesar Salad 3. Roasted Vegetables 4. Buffalo Wings 5. Stuffed Mushrooms 6. Caprese Salad 7. Focaccia Bread 8. Baked Potatoes 9. Olives & Artichoke Hearts 10. Fried Zucchini

What Wine Goes Well With Pizza?

Pairing the Perfect Wine With Pizza

For a classic Italian cuisine experience, pizza and wine can make for an unforgettable combination. But with so many different types of wines available, it’s important to understand which ones pair best with pizza. Here are some suggestions:

Light-bodied Reds: When you’re looking for a simple yet flavorful pairing with your favorite pizza, light-bodied reds like pinot noir or Beaujolais are perfect choices.

Full-bodied Whites: If you prefer white wines, opt for full-bodied varieties such as Chardonnay or Viognier that have enough body to stand up to rich pizzas topped with meat and cheese.

Sparkling Wines : If you want something bubbly to go along with your slice of savory heaven , sparkling wines like Prosecco or Cava offer the perfect balance between sweetness and acidity .< br >< br > No matter what type of wine you choose, remember there are no hard rules when it comes to enjoying a glass alongside your favorite Italian dish. So let your taste buds be your guide!   Read More: Why Eating Healthier Will Improve your Travel Experience  

What Herbs and Spices Should You Use With Pizza?

When it comes to creating flavorful pizzas, herbs and spices are your secret weapons! From basil and oregano to garlic powder and thyme, the possibilities are endless. Here’s a list of some of my favorite herbs and spices that pair perfectly with pizza:

  • Basil: The classic herb for Italian-style pizzas. Basil has an unmistakable aroma and flavor that will take your pizza crusts or calzones up a notch.
  • Oregano: This earthy spice adds depth of flavor when used in combination with basil. I love adding freshly chopped oregano leaves over hot slices.
  • Garlic Powder: Just a pinch can work wonders on any kind of pizza – from Margherita to pepperoni. Garlic powder gives dishes an extra layer of savory deliciousness.

Other options include rosemary, red pepper flakes, parsley flakes, black pepper, paprika, onion powder – even fresh grated Parmesan cheese can make all the difference! Experimenting is key; you’ll be surprised by which combinations taste best together!

Should You Add More Pizza To Your Diet?

When it comes to finding the perfect food, pizza is often at the top of people’s lists. It tastes great, looks amazing and comes in a variety of styles that make it easy for everyone to find something they enjoy. Not only can you get creative with your toppings, but there are plenty of crusts to choose from too! So if you’re looking for an indulgent treat or even a quick snack on-the-go, adding more pizza into your diet could be just what you need.

  • Taste: Pizza has so many different flavors and options available that you can customize it however way you like. From vegan cheese alternatives to gluten free crusts – there’s something out there for everyone.
  • Nutrition: Depending on how much topping and cheese you add, pizza can actually be quite good for your health too. With protein from the meats and calcium from the cheese, plus vitamins from all those veggies – it really packs a punch!
  • Convenience: Whether it’s delivery or takeout service – getting hold of delicious pizzas couldn’t be easier these days.
So if you’re looking for some comfort food with minimum effort involved then why not give pizza another chance? There are so many ways to enjoy this classic dish without having to worry about packing on unhealthy calories either!   READ MORE: What Goes Well With Oranges?  

So What Goes Well With Pizza?

Pizza is undoubtedly one of the most beloved and popular dishes in the world, with a variety of flavors and toppings that can be enjoyed by everyone. Whether you choose to enjoy your pizza with a side salad or some hot wings, it’s clear that there are plenty of great accompaniments to enhance your pizza experience. From vegetables to cheese and from beer to wine, you can find something perfect for any mood or occasion. So don’t hesitate to explore all the delicious possibilities when it comes to finding what goes best with your favorite slice!   READ MORE: 5 Delicious Foods To Serve With Frittata  

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