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9 Foodie Gift Ideas For Instant Pot Devotees (2023)

Are you on the hunt for a gift that will delight your foodie friend who also happens to be an Instant Pot devotee? Fear not, my friend, for I have searched high and low to bring you the very best ideas. Whether they’re looking for new cooking accessories or handy organizational tools, I’ve got you covered.

Let’s face it – making delicious meals is an art form. And as someone who loves all things culinary, I know how essential having the right kitchen tools can be. That’s why I’ve curated a list of unique and exciting presents that are sure to make any Instant Pot lover jump for joy.

So whether your loved one has been eyeing some must-have accessories or just needs some inspiration in the kitchen department, this article has got what it takes to make their day extra special. Get ready to surprise them with something truly unforgettable!

Foodie Gift Ideas For Instant Pot Devotees

1. Instant Pot cookbook

The Instant Pot cookbook is an excellent gift for any foodie. It contains a vast collection of recipes that can be cooked using the popular multi-cooker. From breakfast to dinner and everything in between, the cookbook has got you covered. With clear instructions on how to use the Instant Pot, even beginners will find it easy to follow along. The delicious meals prepared from this book will surely impress anyone who loves good food, making it a perfect gift for birthdays, holidays or any special occasion!

2. Silicone egg bites mold

Silicone egg bites mold can be a great gift for any foodie out there. It’s perfect for making those delicious and healthy breakfast bites or even mini cheesecakes! This mold is made of high-quality silicone, which makes it flexible and easy to use. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe and reusable, which saves you money in the long run. With this gift, your friends and family can experiment with different flavors while enjoying perfectly shaped egg bites every time!

3. Magnetic cheat sheet

A magnetic cheat sheet is a handy tool for any foodie. It contains useful cooking information such as conversions, substitutions, and cooking times that can easily be stuck on the fridge or oven. This makes it convenient to refer to while cooking without having to search through cookbooks or the internet. Plus, its compact size means it won’t take up much space in a kitchen drawer. Give the gift of culinary convenience with a magnetic cheat sheet!

4. Herb stripper tool

The herb stripper tool is a great foodie gift for anyone who loves to cook with fresh herbs. It makes stripping the leaves from tough stems like rosemary, thyme, and parsley easier and more efficient than doing it by hand. Plus, it saves time and reduces waste in the kitchen. With this handy gadget, your favorite foodie can effortlessly add flavor to their dishes while keeping things neat and tidy!

5. Steamer basket

A steamer basket is an excellent foodie gift for anyone who loves to cook healthy meals. It’s a versatile and practical kitchen tool that can be used to steam vegetables, fish or dim sum. With a steamer basket, you can preserve the nutrients in your food while keeping it moist and flavorful. Not only is it easy to use, but it also saves time as it cooks faster than traditional methods. Surprisingly affordable, this gift will definitely impress any home chef on your list!

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6. Glass lid for pot

Glass lid for pot, a perfect foodie gift for anyone who enjoys cooking. This versatile kitchen accessory can be used on various pots and pans in the kitchen, making it a practical addition to any home cook’s arsenal. With its transparent design, you can easily keep an eye on your dish while it cooks without having to lift the lid constantly. It also helps to retain heat and moisture, ensuring that your meals turn out perfectly every time.

7. Mini mitts set

Mini mitts set is a great foodie gift for anyone who loves cooking and baking. These small but mighty oven mitts are perfect for handling hot dishes, pots, and pans without getting burnt. They come in various colors and designs to match any kitchen decor. Not only do they protect your hands from the heat, but they also add a fun and stylish touch to your cooking routine. Get them as a gift for yourself or for someone special who loves spending time in the kitchen!

8. Sous vide bags

Sous vide bags are the perfect gift for any foodie. They allow for precise temperature control and evenly cooked meals every time. These bags are durable and reusable, making them an eco-friendly option. With a variety of sizes available, they can be used to cook anything from individual portions to family-sized meals. Plus, their versatility means they can be used with a sous vide machine or even in boiling water for a quick meal prep solution.

9. Stainless steel trivet

The stainless steel trivet is a perfect foodie gift for anyone who loves to cook. It’s versatile and can hold hot pots, pans or dishes without damaging your countertop. The material is durable and easy to clean, making it a long-lasting addition to any kitchen. Plus, its sleek design adds an elegant touch to any table setting. Your foodie friend will appreciate this thoughtful and practical gift that they can use every day!

Our Top Foodie Gift Ideas For Instant Pot Devotees

Surprising your foodie friend who is also a dedicated Instant Pot user can be quite challenging. However, with the right guidance and inspiration, you can find the perfect gift that will leave them speechless. From sleek cooking accessories to innovative organizational tools, there’s no shortage of options available to cater to their needs. After all, cooking is an art form that requires the right set of tools and inspiration – and this article has got everything it takes to make any Instant Pot lover jump for joy. So go ahead – choose something unique and unforgettable that they’ll treasure forever!

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